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I was born in 1971 and ever since I was a kid I’ve loved drawing and all its forms, especially comic strips. A blank sheet of paper, watercolors and colored pencils were enough to let my fantasy out. I got a diploma at I.S.A. (Istituo Statale d’Arte, Public Institute of Arts) in Rome and attended a three-year course at the Comics School of Rome to improve my techniques and to exchange cultural and professional experiences with other illustrators.

Since 1998 I regularly exhibit my own works at all Italian comics fairs: Lucca Comics, Expocartoon, Romics, Torino Comics and Napoli Comicon.

In November 2002 I have started publishing in the erotic magazine Xcomics by Editore Coniglio. In 2004 I made a solo show of erotic illustrations at the nightclub Connection in Rome. Sine January 2005 I have been working for BedeAdult and BedeX, two magazines published by Editions IPM.

In September 2005 I made a solo show of erotic illustrations on the theme Il piccante della vita (“The spicy side of life”), organized by the Accademia del peperoncino (Academy of chilli pepper) in Diamante (Cosenza, Italy). In December 2005 I presented the comics FETISH at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rime and in 2006 FETISH has been published online by www.sadomic.com (USA). In 2006 I have presented FETISH at the International Erotic Exhibition Paris-Venus 2006 in Paris.

What I like best is to seduce with drawing and to use comics to describe something that permeates human nature: erotism. I like to astonish people and I always do the opposite of what others tell me to do, always trying to experience new techniques to find the best way to express myself and to avoid getting stuck in a style, even though it is not easy to do so. My favourite illustrators are Serpieri, Rotundo, Manara, Manunta, Prado, Frollo, Caretta, Miguel Angel Martinez, and I usually appreciate those who have a harsh style, such as Kent Williams, Duncan Fegredo, Nicola Mari, Roi, Luigi Piccato, C. Scott Morse, Marco Soldi, Angelo Stano, Antonio Pepe or those who manage to express daily life in a simple way like Jessica Abel, Andrea Camic or the Hernandez brothers.

I love Paris, jazz music and Nicola Mari, cats and dogs and spending the evening with my friends trying to cook gourmet meals. I like reading any kind of comics and my bedside table is covered with piles of comics and some poetry books (Pessoa, Lorca). I live in Rome,  my secret wish is to have a house in Paris and I couldn’t live without my loving and caring Gianni.


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