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Name: Luca
Date: 31/10/2009
Argh! mi hanno rubato i tuoi due disegni...sono disperato!!!!

Name: SUGO
Date: 12/10/2009
Ciao Cristina, tantissimi complimenti per i tuoi lavori, sono stati capaci di ricreare in immagini molte delle fantasie erotiche che ogni dona desidera..inutile dire che mi seccitata.. e senza storia! Fenomenal!

Date: 21/9/2009
Ciao, mi piace il tuo profilo e il tuo lavoro. It's amazing. Congratulazioni. Baci da Mexico Hello, I love your profile and your work. It's amazing. Congratulations. Kisses from Mexico Bonjour, j'aime beaucoup votre profil et votre travail. It's amazing. Félicitations. Beisers en provenance du Mexique Hola, me encanta tu perfil y tu trabajo. Es impresionante. Te felicito. Besos desde México

Name: Craig Coull
Date: 27/8/2009
Dear Miss Cristina. My name is Craig CoulI and I currently reside in the UK but have lived in Southern Africa for most of my life. I was so inspired by your beautiful works that I have recently (at the ripe old age of 36) decided to persue a career as an erotic comic artist & for that I thank you. Your magnificent work has played huge part in me fulfilling a lifelong dream. However until recently did not have the courage or confidence to do anything about it. I have always been artistic & have been invoved in graphic design & signage for the past 10 years which was a means of surviving rather an passion. Since discovering erotic works such as yours as well as Milo, Casotto & Serpieri, I have not only had a a creative awakening but also a sexual awakening. I am a recovering alcoholic and have not had a drink for over 5 years, which has given me an opportunity to turn my life around completely and discover who I really am. I now have the opportunity to combine to of the things I love most in life: art and sex. Again I thank you for the amazing work you have done and long my you continue to tittilate the imagination in such a tasteful way. CC

Name: Michele
Date: 8/6/2009
Un tratto splendido, immensamente sensuale e dolce insieme, a volte è come vedere materializzarsi alcuni personaggi dei miei racconti :) brava davvero..

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